We at Tilda Jane Sale know that this sale couldn't be possible without our AMAZING consignors...that means YOU!  We are so appreciative that you want to be a part of our sale and it truly means a lot.


To register to consign, click on the button below to be taken to our consignor registration form.  If you are a RETURNING CONSIGNOR, please click that option and don't forget to click to upload your items that are still tagged from last sale!

Tilda  Jane?

why choose


what you

5:00 shop time: 

volunteering sort shift +

1 additional shift OR
volunteering sort shift + consigning

5:30 shop time:
volunteering sort shift OR
volunteering 2 shifts

6:00 shop time:
volunteering 1 shift plus consigning
consigning 200+ items

6:30 shop time:

volunteering 1 shift OR
consigning 100-200 items

7:00 shop time:
consigning less than

100 items



Grab one of our volunteer spots (limit one per person) and it will bump you up another shop time!  Check out the link at the top of this page to register as a volunteer! 


Have clothing racks or want to pay $17 for wire hangers?  Email us at and let us know!  That will also get you in to shop earlier.

Only Matilda Jane and Wildflowers Clothing items count when you are trying to figure out when you'll shop the pre-sale.


When you drop off your items you will receive your pre-sale pass based not he number of items you consign.  If you are mailing your items, you will send you your presale shop time upon the receiving of your items once we have counted them :)



Congisnor split… 

1-74 MJ and WF items you get 75%!
75+ MJ and WF items you earn 80%!


REMEMBER, we take ALL SEASONS and ALL CONDITIONS of MJC and Wildflowers! any size, including momma items and accessories!

If it's MJC or Wildflowers, we will take it!


It PAYS to be a consignor with Tilda Jane!  Earn some $$ and shop early at the amazing pre-sale, with thousands of pieces of MJC!


Drop off:  Thurs May 20 5-8pm, Fri May 21 9-11am.  When you register, you will be given instructions on how to choose a drop off time.


PICK UP:  Sat May 22 from 8:30-10pm.  If you cannot pick up your items at pick up, PLEASE send someone to do it for you!  :)  I appreciate your cooperation.  ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP BY 10:30PM WILL BE DONATED.  If you cannot make it PLEASE send someone else!  We have to be out of the room by a certain time.

Wildflowers Clothing items will count the SAME as Matilda Jane items (toward percentage earned and pre-sale shop time!)


If you DO NOT want to pick up your items, you can choose to click "donate" on the tagging system while tagging


Tilda Jane has an online tagging system!  Woohoo!

This allows you to keep track of what sells each day at the sale and you will get your check FASTER afterward!

-Once you fill out the quick and easy form, you will click on the button to pay your $12 registration fee via Paypal

-After you pay, on the paypal screen click "return to Tilda Jane Sale page"

-Once redirected, you will see your consignor number!

-You will also receive an email letting you know your payment went through, it will also contain:  Your consignor number, confirmation  and a  large amount of info about the sale…PLEASE READ!  :)


Then, at your leisure (before March 4 at 11:59pm) you may start tagging your items!  It's easy.  Simply login to your Consignor Homepage.  This is where you will sign up for a drop off day (you can choose from two options (no need to put specific time!) either Thurs May 20 5-8pm, or Fri May 21 9-11am.


Click on "work with consigned inventory" and get started adding new items!  You can also print your tags from here.

Please keep the following things in mind when tagging your MJ items:

- You do not have to enter in any item description if you are in a hurry! You can type things like "EUC ruffles" "VGUC shirt" etc if you are trying to tag very quickly. The benefit of adding an item description is 1. so you can see what has sold online during the sale and 2. in case your tag falls off, we can pin it back to the correct item and get it back out on the floor quickly!

- You can also select multiple tags at once…example, if you have 10 pairs of ruffles and they are all in same condition and you would like to put the same price on all of them, you can choose to create 10 of the same tags without having to type it out 10 times! It's easy :) You'd just put the item and condition and enter in the size. "EUC ruffles" and then choose one size and voila, you'll have multiple tags.

Things we REQUIRE for your tags…your consignor number (this will automatically be placed on your tag!) Size, condition, price. We do not have a "Discount day" etc. A barcode will be generated for your individual item and will be included on your tag automatically! It's very easy and quick.

Once you have typed all of your tags (whether or not they are super detailed) it will be time to print! It's very simple. Just use plain regular-sized paper. They will print 6 to a page. You can use 1. regular computer paper 2. card stock or 3. regular computer paper and then tape them to index cards. Whatever is easier and best for you is what we'd like you to choose! after cutting your tags (faster to stack the papers on each other and cut several at once!) just PIN your tag to the CLOTHING TAG so you don't put a hole in your MJ pretty! If it does not have a tag, we recommend pinning in the pants elastic or a seam.

Hang your items with the hanger facing the LEFT and you are good to go! Feel free to use whatever type of hanger you'd like :)

We also accept a very very small amount of the following brands:

Well Dressed Wolf, Eleanor Rose, Sweethoney. We only have room for a few hundred of these items, as we want to keep our sale over 90% Matilda Jane and Wildflowers!  WE ARE BEING VERY STRICT THIS SALE on these items--PLEASE do not bring anything NOT on this list!!!

**SHOES** Now that we have MORE ROOM in our new location, we are able to take shoes! We will ONLY accept the following brands: Joyfolie, Livie and Luca, and Mini Melissa, Converse.


·     Pretty please no children (except infants in carrier) at the pre-sale Friday night.  You must be wearing any child that comes.
·     You can bring a laundry basket but please avoid large purses. If you bring a shopping bag we will need to check it on your way in and out.
·     Payment Forms: Cash (preferred) and Credit Cards will be accepted! NO CHECKS this sale.