5:00 shop time: 

volunteering sort shift +1 additional shift OR
volunteering sort shift + consigning

5:30 shop time:
volunteering sort shift OR
volunteering 2 shifts

6:00 shop time:
volunteering 1 shift plus consigning

Consignor shop times:
consigning 200+ items

6:30 shop time:
consigning 100-200 items

7:00 shop time:
consigning less than items


Thursday shifts are all set-up/VIP rack hanging/receiving round one. No shopping on Thursdays! Be ready to hang hang hang and help arrange the room and also see LOTS of beautiful MJ!

Several shift options starting at 10am and going all the way to 9pm. 3 shift options. If you are bartering racks you will have to be there to drop off Thursday anyway! If you are consigning, why not volunteer Thurs. so you can just bring your clothes with you?


Friday shifts range from 9am-10pm and mornings are receiving round 2. Great if you are consigning and from out of town…drop off your items, work, and shop that evening all in the same day!  If you are ONLY volunteering, it's great to work the pre-sale shift starting at 5:00 then shop at 7:30 when your shift ends.  OR if you are consigning and get to shop first, stay after and work then.


Saturday shifts are all public sale AND sort shift. To be honest, these are the ones we neeeeeeed most. AND if you are bartering racks OR consigning, you will have to pick up Saturday evening anyway! Don't let sort shift scare you…we have lots of fun and we really, really need a good team of works all day Saturday! Choices start at 9:00am all the way to into the night.


DOUBLE SHIFT OPPORTUNITY!!  Saturday sort shifts count as TWO shifts!  This means if you volunteer for this shift you will bump up two shopping slots!  This is a fun, fast-paced shift and it is probably the most important of the entire sale!  **And get a $10 shopping card if you volunteer the equivalent of THREE shifts**


Only FOUR SHIFTS per person, for now.


THANK YOU for registering to volunteer with us at Tilda Jane!  We could not do this sale without you and we value your work!